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Amy Katz Honors, Awards & "Best of...

Magazine Covers

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Community Service Awards

(June 17, 2022) Everly Laser Shensky "Tikkun Olam" Award -- "Repair of the World"

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Grant Awards

(2018) Opus Archives Artist’s Grant Recipient For “Out of the Mud and Ashes” Photojournalism Presentation at the Lobero Theater.

(2016) Flint Public Art Project Grant Recipient, “The River Is Dreaming” Community Service Project as partial fulfillment of PGI doctoral degree 


Best Photo of the ...

(Feb., 2023) Zuma Press Picture of the Month

(April, 2022) Zuma Picture of the Month

(April 9, 2022 ) The Guardian's Best of the Weekend


(June, 20 2020) The Guardian's "Best of the Day"









Amy Katz |  Breaking News Photojournalist









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