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Amy Katz, M.A.

Amy Beth Katz, M.A.

Amy specializes in covering all breaking news, natural disaster recovery efforts, forest fires, celebrations, large events, protests, & celebrity red carpets. war/refugee crisis, etc. She is also a news and travel writers. Her photos & stories have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, New York Daily News, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, the Guardian, China News, Time Magazine, Hello, Yes! The Voice SB, and over thirty other major news networks across the globe. She often resides in Santa Barbara, CA, but will travel anywhere & has extensive international experience, having lived in 12 countries on four continents.

Contact Amy for photographing all your news, corporate & humanitarian needs: 805-428-8252:

What Makes Amy a Unique & Successful Photojournalist: 

Amy truly cares about those she photographs, and often naturally embeds with the diverse groups she covers. She is a "breaking news" photojournalist, distributing widely with Zuma Press & others renowned media outlets. She is an award winning photographer, writer, poet, columnist and social media blogger. She is author of three books & her own boutique publishing company. What also makes her work remarkable is she is highly independent, resourceful and consciously draws upon intuition, dreams & synchronicity to get the most desired shots & interviews. (She is writing a book this extraordinary potential in all of us!) Amy is well qualified in this realm, for her other profession for twenty years has been as a Psychic Counselor and dream guide.

Amy draws upon her  two-decades long career as a communication specialist in her reporting efforts. She taught diversity, public speaking, media and group communication skills at colleges and universities in the USA, Europe and Asia, and specialized in teaching active duty military. She volunteers with the Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Worker, spearheaded volunteer efforts to feed/cloth/shelter the homeless at the start of the Pandemic. 

SKILLS: Lightroom, Photomechanic, Macbook Photos, Web design, travel organizing, typing 90 WPM, etc.


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